Now that LL1 has come and gone, these pages are here for archival purposes.

LL1 is a workshop where the world's most innovative language implementors from industry and most clever language researchers from academia are coming together to jam for a day. Implementors and researchers will give short presentations followed by lively discussions. Everyone is welcome to attend; the workshop is free, but if you're going to come, you have to register with us first. If you can't make it to sunny Cambridge, Massachusetts for the day, you can still watch on our live webcast (url to be added soon).

For more on the motivation of the workshop, read the Call For Participation.

Some of the presentations are online: see the Proceedings.

We have pictures! Thanks, Eric!

Simon Cozens has posted an article to with his take on LL1.

Paul Perry also took some notes.

This workshop was hosted by the Dynamic Languages group at the MIT AI Lab and was sponsored by Dr. Dobbs Journal and O'Reilly. See the DDJ Article. Mailing List

There is a mailing list for continuing discussions started at the workshop. To subscribe, send mail to with the command subscribe ll1-discuss in the body. For more help, send mail to with the command help in the body, or send mail to .

Archives of the ll1-discuss list are available.


Directions are available from the AI Lab's site. The meeting will take place in the 9th floor conference room (200 Technology Square, aka 545 Technology Square, aka MIT building NE43). Food (and overflow viewing) will be in the 8th floor playroom.

Where to stay

Local hotel info is available here. For the more cost conscious, there are two nearby youth hostels, usually charging $20 per night. Hosteling International has a pleasant hostel in Boston about a 20 minute walk from the AI Lab. This hostel is next door to Mike Salib's house, so if you're staying there I can show you how to get to the Lab. There's also the Irish Embassy hostel. Its not as nice, but good enough for a night's stay. If you plan on staying in a hostel, be sure to call ahead and make a reservation; they can fill rapidly.


We're going to try to have some "unofficial" fun activities for anyone interested on sunday after the workshop and also on friday night before the workshop. Anyone who wants to hang out and do stuff is welcome. Check out Mike's LL1 Fun Note for more details.


LL1 is being organized by the Dynamic Languages Group at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab by Greg Sullivan and Mike Salib. Feel free to contact either of them with questions and comments, or better yet, send mail to

Greg is a research scientist at the lab. He works on advanced virtual machine design for dynamic languages amongst other things.

Mike is an undergraduate researcher at the lab. He works on static type inference for dynamic languages, and is building an a type inferencer for Python.


Thanks to Dr. Dobbs Journal and O'Reilly for sponsoring this workshop! Dr. Dobbs will be professionally recording the event and posting the recording on their site (url to be added soon).