From Mike Salib, the LL1 Social Director,

Folks who are coming to LL1,

We're really excited about the workshop this Saturday. By popular request, we'll be doing some unofficial fun activities before and after the workshop. These are totally optional; feel free to ignore. This is what we have planned (in reverse temporal order):

On Sunday morning I'm leading a trip to the MIT museum. They've got some cool technology exhibits. If anyone is interested, we can go rollerblading later.

The big thing is that we're going to make liquid nitrogen ice cream on Saturday night right after the workshop (around 6:30 PM). This is a lot of fun -- most physical objects react with liquid nitrogen in interesting ways. Bring balloons, flowers, or tasty stuff to put in ice cream if you want.

On Friday night we're going to grab dinner and attend an improv comedy show [1]. If either sounds like fun, meet me (Mike Salib, the barefoot guy) in the lobby of MIT's Building 7 at 6:30 PM on Friday night. Building 7 is located at 77 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge MA. Directions can be found in [2] and [3].

You pay for your own dinner, but the comedy is free.

Even if you don't want to grab dinner with us or catch the improv show, feel free to drop by Lobby 7 and say hi. I might be able to give you info & directions to local Friday night activities that don't suck ;-) Or you might be able to convince me to do something that doesn't suck.

There are a few other fun things to do on Friday night. Unless I say otherwise, everything is free.

Movies: LSC [4] shows movies at 7pm and 10pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tickets cost $3 and the sound is great. Friday night they're showing American Pie 2; Saturday night they're showing Rush Hour 2. If you go, be sure to ask a local how the "LSC Sucks!" chant works.

Anime: The MIT Anime club [5] has the largest Anime library in the US. Scary. They're showing movies at 7, 9 and 10:45.

Muses: The Muses [6] are an all woman A Cappella singing group. They're doing a big concert at 8pm. I think they're really good.

Drama: Dramashop [7] is doing a series of One Act plays at 8pm. Tickets are either $6-8 or free; the web contradicts itself. Also, Gilbert & Sullivan fans might want to watch a production of HMS Pinafore [8] at 8pm.

Real Culture: The MIT Chamber Chorus is having a concert [9] along with the Boston Conservatory Chorale.

Funk & Fetish: Senior Haus, one of the more, um, interesting undergrad dorms is holding a Funk & Fetish Party. Bands start at 8pm. You're on your own there.

Other stuff: Call Nightline (617-253-8800) if you get lost or want to know where you can find clubs, bars, etc. They're open 7pm to 7am, but please be nice to them. They provide info to the community but they're really there for peer counseling.

If you want to go to one of these but can't figure out how, first try [10]. If that doesn't work, send me mail or show up in Lobby 7 at 6:30 and ask me.

Note that most of these are running on Saturday night and Sunday night as well. See [11] for more info.

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Mike Salib